The “European Festival of the Duchi d’Acquaviva” of Atri (Te) proposes a very rich offer of Master Classes and a substantial and qualified season of Concerts of classical music held by the students and the teachers themselves, who will have as their backdrop the most charming views of Atri.

Every year the Master Classes offer the students the specialized teaching of illustrious teachers of different training and origin, for the purpose of obtaining real professional competence, by means of teaching activity which constitutes an important opportunity for musical perfecting and an exchange of experiences among the various international Music Schools.

Every summer, during the Festival, the city of Atri welcomes more than a hundred young musicians from all over the world, and it becomes the ideal welcoming centre for this type of laboratory, in which concert-giving activities and teaching find an optimum meeting point, boasting of its relationship between teacher and students through lessons and concerts, providing immediately the proof of the artistic itinerary covered.

The quality of the proposed formula and the formative offer, as well the meticulous organization which can already avail itself of remarkable experience, has caused all the participating teachers of the past editions to speak words of praise, and has promptly won the unanimous appreciation of the participating students. It is in this way that the “European Festival of the Duchi d’Acquaviva” is standing out in brief as an important appointment in the Italian musical programming.

The Association “Amici della Musica 2000” of Atri, with the realization of the Festival centres other important aims, such as the stimulation of the tourist industry and the artistic promotion of the city of Atri and the whole Abruzzo region.


French-horn: Michael Hoeltzel

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